Geekey - Ultimate Keyboard for Geeks

Geekey Keyboard

Ultimate Keyboard
for Geeks

Ul71m473 K3yb04rd
f0r G33ks

ƨʞɘɘᎮ ɿoʇ bɿɒodyɘᐴ

ƲιτίɱᎯτε κεϓϦΘᎯરɖ
ʃΘર ĢεεκȘ

ㄩレɬⅰ㎡∆ɬ∑ к∑ㄚ๒◊∆Я∂
モ◊Я б∑∑кㄅ


ᑌᒪTIᗰᗩTE KEYᗷOᗩᖇᗪ

U̾l̾t̾i̾m̾a̾t̾e̾ K̾e̾y̾b̾o̾a̾r̾d̾
f̾o̾r̾ G̾e̾e̾k̾s̾

µ1+!|v|/\\+3 |<3+|30/\\2[)
|=02 633|<5

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  • Awesome Text Effects

    You can write in leetspeak, upside-down, mirror, shuffle, different encoding, and beautify your messages. In real-time.

  • Best Emojis

    Make fun ASCII Art with friends using a builtin Emoji keyboard.

  • What kind of geek are you?

    Show your geek lifestyle using funny fonts, text effects, and otaku kaomojis (japanese emoticons). Reflect the geek side of your personality: Nerd, Badass, Hacker, Hipster, Programmer, Girly, and more. w00t!

  • Works in any app

    By using standard unicode charset, Geekey supports ANY of your social apps like iMessage, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, or IRC!

  • Bazinga! Loaded with Crazyness

    Type and translate your messages in LeetSpeak, the language of Geeks - 5 levels from n00b to µ1+!|v|/\+3!

  • ASCII Art Photo

    Bring some fun and convert your favorite photo to colorful or grayscale ASCII Art.

  • Fun and Convenient

    Geekey brings the experience of a standard keyboard. You can make Geekey your main keyboard.

  • International

    English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Romanian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish. And even Dvorak or Colemak for extreme geeks!

What kind of geek do you want to be?

Nerd? Badass? Hacker?

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